Monday, February 2, 2009

Live Session with Jonathan Finkelstein

Dear Bawers,
The live session with Jonathan Finkelstein at Elluminate today was a great success. During the time he stayed with us he showed us the many possibilities of using Elluminate in language classes. Participants were invited to take part in sample activities. It was really fun. Besides that, people also joined the session using the chat box and also the voice feature to give their opinions or ask questions. We would like to thank Johathan for what he has taught us and also for staying for almost one hour with us sharing ideas and listening to us. We would also like to thank Teresa, Dafne, and all participants who contributed to make the event so fun and interesting. The idea/image of "Chasing Squirrels" and "Choosing your Own Adventure" was certainly on our minds while we hovered over this amazing session. Click here to access the recorded session.

List of Participants:

Mods: DennisO (USA) and José Antônio (Brazil)
Guest speaker: Jonathan Finkelstein (USA)

Anisoara (Romania), Brahim (Morocco), BrianS (England), Daf (Spain), HalaS (Sudan), Maru (Mexico), Mbarek (Morocco), Minhaaj (Pakistan), PilarF (Argentina), SanjaB (Croatia), SarahP (Spain), Teresa (Portugal)

4 continents were represented


Daf said...

Hi all,

Jonathan´s pres was really extraordinary. He has so many ideas to use in a virtual classroom, that I have never seen him repeating one in all the years he has been presenting for BaW, and in all of his presentations I have attended since 2003, I think.
If you did not attend the session, make sure to get to the recording. You won´t regret :-)
We had a a great time learning and having fun.


Dennis said...

Hi, everyone.

I agree with Dafne about Jonathan F's masterful skills as a facilitator and "choreographer" of activities on Elluminate. He had all of us fully engaged from the beginning to the end of his time with us, and his congenial, easygoing manner helped us all feel at ease. Also, he knew exactly how long to spend on each activity: nothing ever got boring because it lasted just a bit too long.

I haven't seen "The Jonathan Show" as many times as Dafne, but I have seen him a number of times, and it's true that his presentations are always fresh and new.

If you weren't at the presentation, be sure you view (and listen to) the recording. I'll be the next best thing to being there in person!

Best to all--

Dennis in Phoenix

Teresa said...

Hi all!
Another fabulous example by Jonathan of the power of great facilitation, creativity and imagination. We were all enthusiastic and interested, and gladly participating the whole time.
What a way to infect the participants with a "healthy virus"!!!
We were very fortunate that Jonathan was able to stay for almost an hour!
Thank you, Jonathan! :-)
Beijinhos, Teresa

Sanja said...

After the presentation on Elluminate I can only say that every synchronous meeting we have in Webheads gets better and better.
I don't want to say that the presenters before were not marvelous. Every tool we have explored so far has different advantages and every presentation a special place in our learning process.
What I admired most during this presentation was Jonathan’s talent to take us, teachers, from one activity to another, making it so natural and easy. We were having fun, participating and learning about the tool because we needed it to take part in the next activity, to express the opinion... I think he showed us what kind of facilitator/online teacher we should aim to become.
I liked Elluminate a lot because it is really user friendly and gives the teacher a lot of opportunities to try different activities with students.

Jonathan said...

Daf, Dennis, Teresa, Sanja and other Webhead friends: Thank you for your extraordinarily kind words about the session we experienced together. Your dedication to learning with and from one another continues to be an inspiration for me. See you all soon, live online!

- Jonathan