Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rubena's Presentation at Elluminate

Rubena´s presentation was inspiring, and providing lots of food for thought. In a comprehensible way, using easy-to-understand examples, she presented the theory that should be behind materials creation for f2f, blended and totally online classes. Interaction, negotiation of meaning, authentic tasks, input, intake and output were some of the topics she dealt with. A very motivated audience asked a lot of questions at the end of the session, and Rubena answered all of them fully.

The 12-02-09 presentation made by Rubena St Louis at Elluminate, was attended by:

Coordinators: Dafne (Spain / Venezuela) and Teresa (Portugal),

Week 5 moderators: Jennifer (Argentina), Fernanda (Portugal),

Participants: Hala (Sudan), SharonB (USA) and Dennis (U.S.A.), Anisoara (Romania), AnithaD (India), Brahim Idbendriss (Morocco), BirdieN (USA), ChristianeM (Brazil), Elizabeth Anne (France), EmmaT (Venezuela), HalaS (Sudan), HelenD (France), JanH (Italy), Ligia (Venezuela), MaryP (Venezuela), SarahP (Spain), VanceS (UAE), VirginiaC (Argentina).
4 continents were represented!

Here's the
link to the recording

And here´s the link to the slideshow


Daf said...

As usual, Rubena succedded at introducing the theoretical foundations of materials creation. Her slides show that she applies what she preaches :-)
Rubena caught our attention from the beginning to the end of the presentation.
A session to keep in mind when planning our courses.


Teresa said...

Dear Rubena,
What a fabulous presentation! Kudos to you!
I truly enjoyed the theoretical framework and the "whys" of materials creation: student motivation, engagement and commitment. Those should be more than enough to lead participants to try out several of the tools suggested in Week 5.
Hugs, Teresa

ligia said...

The theoretical foundations of material creation is a something that we usually do not take into account. After listening to Rubena´s presentation, I realized that if we thoguht of the theory first and after that we create the material our material would be so meningful and could better acomplish the goal. As she said we could start from the ordinary things we have on hand and develop a good tool. It was a very good presentation and this topic is very interesting I have the opporunity to know Rubena´s work in the university and it is amazing how well the materials work and how much teacher´d proficiency in class grow when you use the right materials

Dennis said...

I was thoroughly engaged by Rubena's Elluminate session. In my view, it was a model presentation because it focused on a topic, materials development, that interests all educators, and because it underscored the necessity of considering what we hope to accomplish when we create learning materials for our students. In addition, Rubena grabbed--and kept--my attention from the beginning to the end of our time together because of the wide variety of tools and resources she employs, because of the pacing she so masterfully demonstrated as she moved from point to point, because of the way she fielded questions, and because of the many examples she provided. Rubena's presentation is, in actuality, a minicourse on well-informed materials development, and all of us would profit from viewing and listening to the recording of her session time and time again.

I've been involved with materials development (both personal and commercial and both paper- and online-based) for many years, so Rubena presented on a topic that was (and is) of great interest to me. I learned a great deal from her, and she also gave me (ane all who participated in her session) much to think about.

Thank you, Rubena. Thank you, Dafne and Teresa, for making this very informative and engaging presentation possible.


Dennis in Phoenix