Sunday, January 25, 2009

Live Session - WorldBridges and Skype. Part Two.

Collage of screenshots taken

To continue with our Voice Week, Jeff and Matt lead us today on a wonderful second part in Worldbridges and Skype. They are an example of the Webheads sharing spirit in Action, thanks a lot Dynamic Duo!

We invite you to to join us in a big round of applause for them in the comments area.
We are dying to hear your impressions about the session, we'd also love to hear from those of you who are participating asynchronously using the recording found at the wonderful WorldBdridges Page created for us by Jeff. You'll find there the recordings and chat logs.

Who was participating?

WorldBridges: Jeff Lebow and Matt Montagne

Co-ordinators and Moderators: Hala Fawzy (Sudan), Jennifer Verschoor (Argentina), Jose Antonio DaSilva (Brazil), Kat Urbaniak (Canada), Sasa Sirk (Slovenia), Teresa Almeida d'Ecca (Portugal), Maru del Campo (Mexico).

Participants: Anisoara (Romania),AnithaD (India),Biljana (Macedonia),Brian (UK), Ditza (Portugal),ElaineK (Germany),Emma del Toro (Venezuela), Elizabeth (France), HelenD (France),Isabel (Brazil), Jose Rodriquez (USA), LarissaO (USA), Minhaaj (Pakistan), MaryP (Venezuela), Mireille (Canada), MoiraH (France), NergizK (Turkey), PilarF (Argentina), Sanja (Croatia), SaeedA (Oman), VirginiaC (Argentina)

What were some of the goodies shared?

Generous Jennifer invited us to participate in her ArgCall group whose motto is: "Teachers helping Teachers" at their Wiki and Blog.

Jeff shared with us Step Two to learn about webcasting, specifically to record both ends of a telephone call, at his Webcast Academy and his enlightening Gatorradio Blog.

A special thanks to Jeff Lebow and Matt Montagne who did an impressive job as always.
Last but not least, our warm admiration and thanks to Dafne and Teresa who made this delightful session possible.


joseantonio said...

Dearest BaWers,
It was really a wonderful session. I was so happy to see that so many people contributed to make it so interesting.
It lasted for an hour and a half and it seemed like 15 minutes so interesting it was.
A big hand to Jeff and Matt, who conducted the session so well, to Dafne and Teresa who created this opportunity for us. To week 2 moderators and all participants who joined in asking questions and sharing ideas through voice and text chat.
Hugs from Brazil

Teresa said...

Dear guest speakers, mods and participants,
It was quite a frustrating session for me, because I wasn't able to participate through voice or text chat. But... I was able to listen and congratulate everyone on a great job, from Jeff to all the participants who were so enthusiastic and asked such interesting questions and got such great answers.
JA, thanks for sending my messages in the text chat area.
Thank you all! :-)
Hugs, Teresa

Larissa Olesova said...

Dear all participants, moderators and Jeff personally,

This session was quite different from previous one. This time we had so many voices discussing how people use audio technologies in their classrooms. Thanks to Jennifer who shared her experience and views of technology implementation - slowly but surely, teachers to teachers - that we try to do in Siberia. I am sorry that Teresa was not able to be in chat yesterday. But thanks to Teresa who invited us Sinerian teachers to BaW-09. Even we heard about this TESOL training, we didn't participate. Human aspect plays an important role. I am amazed again how Jeff was patient with noises and background sounds, how he could differentiate the voices speaking. The techniques of leading the chat were great. Thanks to the participants from Argentina, Brazil for sharing the experience with us. Special thanks for Jose Antonio - for sharing how they work with technology in their classroom. I like the questions from India - they were on time and specific. Thank you again.

ligia said...

I missed the session again, I do not why. I entered to the tapped in reception at 12:30 Venezuelan time but nobody was there. Anyway, It is really amazing how well Jeff explains things and the million things we can do with technology. I would like to start using the tools so that through my experience I can have my own doubts.