Monday, January 19, 2009

Live session - our Tapped In tour

Our very first live session in BaW09 was held on Sunday, Jan. 18, when our dear friend BJ Berquist gave us another great virtual tour of the Tapped In premises. Participants could visit the different rooms and spaces and learn more about this excellent online workplace for educators all over the world. There were 29 people chatting during the one-hour session, so we would love to read your comments and impressions! Our warmest thanks to BJ for another fabulous tour and for giving BaWers and BaWers-to-be the opportunity to explore Tapped In. And thanks to everybody who was there and gave their contribution to a very successful live session!

Session page (chatlog and screenshots)


Dennis said...
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Dennis said...

The Tapped In Tour with BJ (11-18-09)

BJ did a splendid job of presenting us with a tour of Tapped In today. I greatly admire her abilities to present information (including instruction on how to use TI tools) in a clear, easy-to-understand way, and I'm also very impressed with how well she is able to allow both experiential and directed learning in her facilitation.

It was wonderful to be online with so many BaW09 participants and to see how they were able to manage the TI tools on their own; this was a direct result of BJ's well-developed organizational skills and her intimate familiarity with how things work at TI.

I enjoyed the session thoroughly!

Best wishes to all--

Dennis in Phoenix

NB: This is a repeat of a post originally made at another entry in this blog.

Mônica said...

Hi Dennis,

I agree with you, every year I learn more and more about what it takes to host a text-chat with so many participants without ever getting lost, 'losing' people and, at the same time, allowing them to experiment and explore.

As Teresa says... a classic!

Anonymous said...

My problem - the reason I couldn't get into the java-based chat - was because of a security glitch at the level of my router. I use the same machine at home and at work, and when I connect at work - both wifi or plugged in - there's no problem - so the problem is at the level of my router.
All I have to do now is fix it !!!!!!
amitiés to all
Elizabeth - lost in her multiple ID s !!!!

Sanja said...

The Tapped In Tour with BJ Berquist was really a very well prepared event, so I felt relaxed and eager to learn at the same time. BJ took the group on a tour of TI and her explanations were easy to follow.
I liked not only the lecture but also the atmosphere: the members of the group were teaching one another little tricks of chat and I enjoyed that atmosphere of friendship while learning.

Elysio Soares said...
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Elysio Soares said...

Dear All,
The Tapped In Tour was great to get to know this environment as well as get in contact with educators and web enthusiasts from all over. Thanks BJ for your patience! I´m not 100% color blind, but I kind of get confused sometimes, that´s why I was a bit lost but managed to follow the tour. I´m eager to join other sessions online! Cheers from Brazil, Elysio

anitha said...

The Tapped in Session on 18 Jan sunday was the first time i entered an education office virtually. It was absolutely splendid. I was waiting for atleast ten minutes before the session started. Dennis and Denil joined very soon. We went onto multitasking- chatting at tapped in and meeting at Second Life .Of course at one point I was just observing because my laptop wouldn't allow me to work on graphics. So I decided not to enter SL andI could be Tapped In till the end of the session. That makes me feel I have learn't a byte of web2.0

Biljana said...

I'm for the first time in this kind of "classroom", and I really enjoyed the session, although I wasn't till the end.
BJ Berquist did a great job explaining to all step by step what to do, where to go.
A "classroom" full of students from all over the world is a great opportunity to learn from each of them.