Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Graham Stanley's Presentation

Thank you to my great co-moderators and coordinators for being "live" online when I was unable to attend today.
I have watched this great presentation by Graham and am certain that everyone not only learned a lot, but also had a great time.

We had 28 participants from 4 continents:
graham's pres. at wiziq - 27jan09

Mods: Dafne (Spain), Teresa (Portugal)

Guest speaker: Graham Stanley (Spain)

Anisoara (Romania)
Barb Sakamoto (Japan)
Birdie (USA)
DennisO (USA)
DianaG (USA)
HelenD (France)
Elizabeth Anne (France)
Eleni (Greece)
Elfina (Russia)
Ervin Ramos (Philippines)
Evelyn (Venezuela)
FernandaR (Portugal)
IsabelT (Brazil)
Jeff Lebow (USA)
Jose Antonio (Brazil)
Karina (Argentina)
Larissa (USA)
Mary Pinto (Venezuela)
Maru (Mexico)
MbarekA (Morocco)
MehdiT (Iran)
MiguelMendoza (Venezuela)
MonicaV (Brazil)
SanjaB (Croatia)
Sarah Phillips (Spain)
VirginiaC (Argentina)

I have posted some screen shots of the action. You can see the recording at WizIQ


sanja said...

Graham's presentation at WizIQ was the right introduction to this week's work. It was very useful to hear about every tool on the list from somebody who is actually using them all. Learning from Graham and from other participants with more or less experience in the use of different tools with students was very helpful for people who are new to these tools (like me, for example).
Listening to Graham gave me a few ideas about how useful different tools might be in my teaching, which tools I should try first, etc.
This presentation made it much easier for me to start exploring the tools and to try harder and be successful in my attempt to become a real webhead.

Teresa said...

Thanks for the lively blog post and info. It was a wonderful session and also very lively in comments and questions. I kept having to look right at the text chat scrolling down all the time.
The fact that not everything went 100% right is, for me, a great learning moment, because it shows that things may not always go as expected and desired, so we should have a plan B, just in case!
Graham, thank you once again for being here for us, always with new and insightful info for us! As I said yesterday, your session has also become a "BaW classic". :-)
Hugs, Teresa

Mary Pinto said...

I have no words to describe this live session with Graham. After listening to Graham's experience, I realize that there is no limit in creating, learning and sharing when one uses ICT in a (language) classroom. You learn some tools today, use them in the classroom, but tomorrow you feel they are not enough.

Maria Pinto

Vir said...

As Sanja said, this presentation was the right introduction to this week's contents. Personally, I was introduced to a lot of social nets and websites I really didn't know about, such as ning, orkut, twitter,to name a few. Moreover, it was totally gratifying for me to know that I already use many of the tools that experts (as Graham, Daf and Teresa) use and recommend. Also, it was my first experience at wiziq, and I found it very exciting and useful.
I'm feeling more and more immersed in this "virtual" world and that is greatly thanks to the highly qualified and experienced staff in charge. Thanks a lot!!

Daf said...

Thanks Graham for a fabulous pres, as usual :-) You are always at the top of new technologies. Every year I learn about new tools in your presentations. The atmosphere in the session was friendly and warm.
Thanks also to the participants who contributed with their comments and drawings at the end :-)


Dennis said...

Like those who have already posted their comments, I felt that Graham Stanley's presentation was a good introduction to the week's topics. Graham is an interesting, energetic presenter and seems to establish instant rapport with his audience: I felt completely at home 100% of the time!

I agree with Teresa that "The fact that not everything went 100% right is, for me, a great learning moment, because it shows that things may not always go as expected and desired, so we should have a plan B, just in case!" I also had to have a plan B because I kept losing the audio. My first reaction was simply to leave, but then I thought, "What would happen if I left and re-entered WiZiQ?" I tried that and it worked. It was a good thing that I discovered what worked the first time my audio disappeared because it happened again and again and again . . . but leaving and then returning restored the audio each time.

I participated in another WiZiQ session today (30-01-09) and had the same experience. I'm still not sure what caused it, but at least I knew what to do and was still able to hear 95% of what was said during the session.

Thanks to those who arranged for Graham to be a speaker!

Dennis in Phoenix

Kenia said...

I too want Graham! I from Brazil

Mbarek said...

" What would a stone pet tell a cat pet ? " One of Graham's amusing questions I couldn't help thinking at even long after the end of yesterday's session. Too many funny answers came to my mind that I couldn't help smiling to myself . What if the cat pet decided to lie for long hours on the stone pet ?How patiently would the stone pet bear the weight of the cat pet ? That was a single example in which Graham managed successfully to make his session entertaining and informing.Interaction with the participants was one of his major characteristics in this session ( the only Gram's session I ever attended).The fact that made participants feel at ease during the event . In Dennis words : " I felt completely at home 100% of the time!" .

ligia said...

The session was great I think it was very dinamic. Despite the interruptions and the problems with sound it was very easy to follow the presentation. It was great to hear about his experience with the tools. I think that after listening every speaker's experiencies I definitely have the feeling that I must practice it to have my own doubts and my own conclusions. I really liked WIZIQ for attending live sessions I think it is very easy to use.