Monday, November 10, 2008

Welcome to BaW 2009

Dear all,

Welcome to another round of Becoming a Webhead!

This is the space where we will be commenting on the weekly synchronoous presentations.

Don´t forget to add your comments. The speakers will surely appreciate them :-)


Daf and Teresa


Dennis said...

The EVO Kick-Off Ceremony

I thoroughly enjoyed being at the 2009 EVO Kick-Off Ceremony on 11-02-09. It was an incredible experience to be online in real time with Dafne, the many EVO moderators, and the many EVO participants! I think the Kick-Off must've had the largest number of participants to date!

I especially enjoyed hearing the voices of both old and new colleagues from many, many places around the globe, and as usual, I was impressed by the deft handling of the technical side of things by that consummate webcaster, Jeff Lebow.

I had one unusual experiencek though. When I first logged on, I didn't try to connect by Skype. Later, as the event progressed, a couple of people asked me to Skype in, and I tried . . . only to find that my settings had all been changed—and they had not only changed, but were also written in Portuguese!

I could understand most of the Portuguese, but I was fearful that I'd have to de-install Skype and then install a fresh copy in order to get things back to normal. I didn't want to do that, however, because I thought it might destroy the contact list and saved chat transcripts that were there earlier on the 11th, before the EVO Kick-Off began.

Later in the day, however, I tried to contact a friend in Kazakhstan, and everything was back to the way it was before the EVO Kick-Off. What a relief!

I look forward to more live EVO-related events!

Dennis in Phoenix

Helen said...

I managed to get to the tapped-in session today ( a real miracle as my 4 kids were all quiet for 50 minutes) and I would like to say a big thank you to BjB for showing us around. It was no small job answering all our questions and guiding us round at the same time. As I work with younger learners I don't think I'll be able to use it with them for the time being - but the potential for learning with it as a teacher seems very big. I noticed on the agenda some very interesting looking meetings and I will try to check them out.
Thanks again to all the moderaters for an excellent start to the course
bye for now

Dennis said...

The Tapped In Tour with BJ (11-18-09)

BJ did a splendid job of presenting us with a tour of Tapped In today. I greatly admire her abilities to present information (including instruction on how to use TI tools) in a clear, easy-to-understand way, and I'm also very impressed with how well she is able to allow both experiential and directed learning in her facilitation.

It was wonderful to be online with so many BaW09 participants and to see how they were able to manage the TI tools on their own; this was a direct result of BJ's well-developed organizational skills and her intimate familiarity with how things work at TI.

I enjoyed the session thoroughly!

Best wishes to all--

Dennis in Phoenix

Mary said...

Week 1

Guest Speaker: BJ Berquist

I really enjoyed BJB ‘s session at Tapped In today. From the beginning, I thought it was just a chat room but in reality it provides more than just text-based communication. At the end, I had the feeling I was in a community based on communities, with someone to talk to on the other side. As I could see during my first time being in Tapped In, there is always someone to reach, something to learn from others and something to give back too. My expectations were fulfilled thanks to BJB. She was very understandable and straightforward with all the details she had to offer us for this session.

One more time, thank s to all the moderators,

Maria Pinto

Denise814 said...

I really learned a lot yesterday about tapped in. I created a virtual office and uploaded a file. It was a great tour and it encourages us to explore more this tool. I would like to know if anybody in this group has used with students and how. Thanks BjB!

Larissa Olesova said...

I was impressed by BJB's kind patience when all typed together. I can imagine how chaotic it was but we did a great job. I also felt myself in a great community of practice yesterday. The guide was simple and easy to follow. Thanks BJB for waiting when all of use complete the step to go ahead. I got lost several times but finally I was done. So, next step is to create my office in Tapped-In. Thank you for your tremendous job, BJB and all BaWers-09!!! Larissa Olesova

anisoara said...

Dear moderators and fellow Webheads,
This has been the most thrilling and overwhelming introductory week for me and I am grateful to the patient moderators for this.
I appreciate the attentive eye of the moderator on every newcomer in the virtual world but also the tactful and pertinent information given in the Evo Kick-off Ceremony and Tapped-in Tour. With your help I will be able to transfer the tools and strategies in my class to the adult students I teach and who will surely appreciate them.
If only I knew who in the TESOL to thank for this initiative!!
Anisoara, Romania

Lic. Maricarmen said...

Concerning the Online Voice Tools for Language and Literacy, I could read everything that happened during the live sessions. I was impressed by all the on line resources that Michael Coghlan presented, and the way they can be used in EFL teaching. I agreed that those are excellent tools that can allow the participation of all the students but with the previous tutoring on the part of the teacher.

Steve English Teacher said...

Dear BAW09 Participants

I was scheduled to present "Facebook for the ESOL Classroom" but I will not be able to make the presentation. Instead, I have prepared a six-part video course for your continuing education.
I invite your comments, suggestions for improvement and questions.

Overview (showing Orkut) Video 1

Video 2A Daily Steps A

Video 2B daily steps B

Video 3 weekly steps

Video 4 Several Applications (programs) that promote reading skills

Cyworld and Hi5 Video 5

Please send me your questions. I will post the answers to the Frequently Asked Questions here in two weeks. You can also see my articles about Facebook in the ESOL classroom at

Steve McCrea
Facebook "Steve McCrea" (find me under "")
SKYPE SteveEnglishTeacher
1+ 954-646-8246 mobile phone